About Me.

7:21 PM

Hello friends! Here's a random list of random things about me.

I love broccoli, Oscar Wilde, random tattoos, impractical vintage china, and tea. I get obsessed with things too easily, Oasis is probably my favorite band (Led Zeppelin is a close second), once I had a blood transfusion -- it was a cold experience. I like drinking at bars. White gardenias are my favorite flowers. Family is everything to me -- blood is thicker than water. I have this weird habit of eating popcorn with M&M’s, it’s the best thing you’ll ever taste. I don’t ever think a person is ugly idk why I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. I love staying home and not answering my phone when people call. I have a secret tattoo. I love drinking matte, water & beer (in this order). I sing too much and too loud. I love all kinds of music... really, more than food. I often sleep on the floor. I can’t stay mad at people, ever. I just don’t fight in general, I don’t think I care enough to do it. I <3 gummy bears. Sometimes random quotes pop into my head, it’s very weird, like, right now “put out the torches, hide the moon, hide the stars” [...]. I have way too many scars -- I accept them. My favorite color is yellow. There are days I’m very spontaneous, but not every day, I guess my life was unpredictable enough already and I just don't really feel the need to be "on an adventure" all the time -- I cherish them tho. I'm a slow eater. I don’t understand how people are so mean to each other, ‘be KIND to everyone’ was the first thing my mother taught me. I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings. Oh, and I tried to learn elvish once, mellon nin. When I was younger I loved to paint, & really need to start that again. I have 9 journals full of weird sentences and quotes. I call my sister Pidge for 2 very specific reasons. My mom described me as 'reserved' once, she's 100% right, as always. -- Me: "Change your life! Buy a Ducati!", Also Me: "Buy 12 cows and a farm". -- Tom Hardy is my favorite actor. My favorite food is pizza. You can tell how honest someone is by looking at their eyes and the way they smile.

 I live life by one motto “There’s more than meets the eye.” Nice to meet you. :) xx

2017: In love with carrots now.

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